Been dying to post on a range of arbit topics since 4 days. Haven't found the patience or the time to do so...also wasn't allowed to use my PC by bro n sistah....:|

Lots of posts in my head right now, lots of posts on paper, lots of posts hidden in txt files....but wait, this is not about all that. Not at all, this is about happiness, this is about relief, this is about saying "weeehooooo!", no make that SHOUTING "WEEHOO!!" from the rooftops.

This is all about the past 36 hours. No wait, this is about the last 3 months...or is it about the last 3 years??! I wish I knew. This is about re-affirmation of belief, of trust in myself, telling meself "Affirmative Captain Kirk...there IS intelligence out there in me skull"...not that, but it sounds vaguely humorous doesn't it now? :D

What is this? This is about my own lil roller-coaster ride all through the last month.  THIS IS ABOUT MY CAT RESULTS!!!! :D :D

4:00PM, 21st November 2004. Realised I'd "cracked" CAT but wasn't ready to believe it...said that I'd done exceptionally well in Data Interpretation..somewhere along the month, decided to chuck "believing it" and to start being happy again. :D realised what a great  year it had been...:)

The month that followed. -> Sat 24/7 on and threw about predictions, made major analysis, gave hope, told ppl to keep the faith...had tons of fun. :D Told myself that come what may, I oughta be happy for my performance during those 2 hours. Told myself that it was only my complete peace during the exam which MIGHT get me a few calls from those seemingly "revered" IIMs. Told God that I'd done me little bit towards getting there, that it was now upto Him to act out his will. :D

10:00PM, 20th December 2004. Results time. 99.55%ile overall. :D  99.62%ile in Data Interpretation....:D

8:20AM, 21st December 2004. Woke up, noticed missed calls at all odd times of the night from me bud at IIMCal...had no doubt about what it was. logged onto ....IIM Calcutta had shortlisted me!! homepage was loading in d other window...jumped over there to see meself shortlisted for IIM Bangalore too! :D

9:40AM. Bud from IIMCal calls up n tells me to hop over to d iima site. Dug out the URL from it was...shortlisted for IIM Ahmedabad!!! This here was it...awesomeness personified...:D Daymm!!

1:00PM, Now. IIM Kozhikode has decided to take me in too and IIM Lucknow has told me to go suck an egg..daym...:D B,A,C,K calls so far...L tho gayi...:? 

Conclusion? I'm deliriously happy. But more than that, I'm relieved. Not because of the major crap session in the loo in d morning...:p but because of a lot of other factors...:p But I'm also lookin forward to start all d prepping for the interviews...:D

Thank y'all at fullhyd for all d wishes, 41 comments is huge! :D Thank you for all the madness, for all the hope, for givin me place to shout out...:D Thank God...:D Thank you Fat Freddie's Cat and your assorted cousins for all the fun...:D >:D<   

Onto the interviews and the group discussions now...wish me luck again folks!!


PS : still waitin for the IIM Indore result....

PPS : all d happiness is leading to steady deterioration in the quality of my yahoo status msgs... currently ==>" o m g ....d Kode has been cracked... Bang!! Ahmed bhai has been shot dead!! Calculated cold-blooded annihilation....tough Luck... :D :D :p "  :p

PPPS : yes is I...stingrae..:p

EDIT : IIM Indore shortlist in the bag too. :) yahoo status msg --> "back to the BACIKs..." :p


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