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Not in a mood to think about the title

Posted by chandu | 23/12/2004 15:43

  All the enthusiasm,interest,agony,hardwork built up for one year went down the drain in one minute flat..yes the CAT results were out yesterday and i scored only 90%ile.will have to look for bschools other than the IIM`s now.congrats to 'payne' for doin well.give me some advice man.

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  1. Posted by syko_ceramic
    23 Dec 2004, 4:43pm

    you never kno wat's coming yer way mate. mebbe you missed this goal for a reason. mebbe you'll look back on these days in a year's time and smile. :)

    here's Alanis for you..

    "Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
    When you think everything's okay and everything's going right
    And life has a funny way of helping you out when
    You think everything's gone wrong..."


  2. Posted by chandu
    23 Dec 2004, 5:42pm

    Thanx for the lovely msg syko.will let u know if i smile some other day.

  3. Posted by drp
    27 Dec 2004, 1:23am

    ayyo..sorry dude..

    n thanks for the congratulations..:)

    i'm hardly the right person to ask for advice..syko himself is a great "gyaan-putter"...:D sykes said, keep dat chin up...there are always other avenues open for you...lots more exams to come...XAT,FMS being the've got time on ur hands..make it count..:)

    >:D< all the best man.

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