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24 Dec 2004


Posted by Pye in Poetry | 10:09am

how much do you know?
a layer or two
a half-baked assumption
without any clue
my image in your mind
spurious, untrue

why do you talk?
with words you don't mean
a lifelong pretense
from behind a screen
faceless masquerade
robotic machine

what do you care?
for the hurt you inflict
deep, hurtful words
the choicest, hand-picked
lay open the wounds
so carefully licked

when would you stop?
this amusing game
end the deceit
the shifting of blame
let me mourn fully
the girl i became

Current Mood: Gloomy
Current Music: Celtic harp

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  1. By subliminalGuru

    24 Dec 2004, 11:09am [ Reply ]

    hi...just began reading your space but had to stop at Colon Parenthesis. Reading further would destroy its effect on me and dont want that to happen. You are really good.

  2. By fallen angel

    24 Dec 2004, 11:56am [ Reply ]

    So so nice...

    Now I don't mourn kenny as much.

  3. By Jai

    24 Dec 2004, 2:14pm [ Reply ]

    boys are boys. And so are girls.
    buit beautifully phrased.

  4. By Lily

    24 Dec 2004, 3:22pm [ Reply ]

    beautiful, sighs, strikes a chord inside of me, as I bet it does with many others too, simply lovely

  5. By Pye

    24 Dec 2004, 9:41pm [ Reply ]

    subliminalGuru, thank you. Colon Parenthesis just came out right. :)

    fallen angel, hi. Thank you. But kenny was different... this is as different from kenny as kenya.

    Jai, what was that about boys and girls? You mean the differences are to account for the heartaches? Or the different points of view...?

    Lily, thank you. :)

  6. By Sita

    28 Dec 2004, 2:52pm [ Reply ]

    You're just amazing.

  7. By Pye

    29 Dec 2004, 6:12pm [ Reply ]

    Thank you. You're pretty amazing yourself. :)

  8. By Jai

    15 Feb 2005, 4:34am [ Reply ]

    the differennce as in the GABA-A receptor composition in the amygdala of the of boys and girls. of love and emotions. Pye.

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