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anachrone | 25 December, 2004 23:13

The history of exploration might well be the history of human stupidity. Throughout its tortuous course folly abounds, reason unaccountably takes a backseat, and the seamier shades of human nature bloom overnight like toadstools after a shower. Successes are in spite of these obvious deterrents, more in the nature of happy accidents; largesse scattered by a Providence basking in the glow of a fine cognac, since there was no way the laws of probability could have so decreed.

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But it is the failures which arrest our attention, haunt us long after the players, inept, inadequate or plain unlucky have gone to theirValhallas. Robert Falcon Scott was the quintessential British tragic hero, the man done out of the Pole by the deviousness (as the British saw it) of a vile foreigner


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