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Lost Post, The

azazel | 26 December, 2004 09:25


long time, no thats coz, im workin now machas! signed on with DIS i.e Dell International Services as a Sales Rep, under-going training these days. After a lot of scalp-massaging.. rather random scratchin, i came up with fodder for this sudden post. Its 3.30 in the morning, just had a cracker of a Diwali with pals[thx CrackedNut, Jasz :)], there's no Net at home as im typing this, a reason for one of the subjects of this post; plus ive got some time to kill before saher. So, what am i talkin about? Beats me.. just read on biatch!!

First off, HAPPY DIWALI n EID MUBARAK to all those who read this n also to those unlucky ones who didnt[F*** You!]. Time n again, i reach this miserable stage where there's no other option than to update my blog. So, i hark back to my most trusted source of entertainment i.e MOVIES :D *ahem* so, here's some blabber about the last few ive seen. Aaah, i do know what im talkin about.. finally! Also, would like to point out that ive increased my movie collection by a sizable amount after scoring about 30 movies over the past coupla weeks. But, havent seen them all.. no time yaar! The ones i did see in the last few days n remember them still are: Fahrenheit 911, Cidade De Deus[City Of God], Satya, Ab Tak Chappan and Die Hard. Out of these, only 911 was in the theater. here we go:

Fahrenheit 911: Coming with a lot of baggage, mostly praise n the Best Film Award at the Cannes Film Festival. Also, a lot of controversy over the facts presented and the way they were presented in the movie. Went for the movie expecting a good old biased Michael Moore outlook at Dubya n his administration, got more than i'd asked for. Yes, the fatso is obsessed with the fact that Dubya is perhaps the most inefficient guy to grace the White House n also that his administration is sub-standard. I agree with MM on that but, this is where he falters as a documentary maker. He is not interested in raising a debate based on pure reasoning, as in presenting facts from parallel points of view. All he wants is to coerce the audience into not only empathising with his point of view but also accepting it as the right one. Plus, he plays on the emotions of his audience a bit too much. I dun like to see stories being given out in the reviews[topic for the next update :D] n so wont be giving any details here. i'd rate the movie 4/5.. if only MM cared for the other side of the coin too. Last word: the fact that Bush jr. got re-elected is beyond a shock after uve seen 911.. makes you wonder how stoopid Americans can be *tch tch*




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Johnny | 27/12/2004, 20:44

Sales Rep.??? [:o] and u??? wtf? Is this the same Azzu i knew? :-s

Anyways, BOL dude. Me is ognna be in hyd for New Years... hope to catch up wid ya then. :)

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