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Neurotron | 28 December 2004, 1:16pm

So, it's a time for reflection, eh?

What did 2004 mean to me? Was it an oh-so-wonderful year? Did I get all I wanted? Shall I wonder if 2004 will turn out to be significant in my life? Shall I wish for 2005 to be even better, wish all and sundry a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year, generally beam all around and make like it's a HUGE transition? Shall I wax eloquent?

Naahh, screw it.

I feel quite...empty. And it feels quite strange.

There's only one person I want to spend New Year's eve with. And not more than 5 other people I'd like to also be there. I don't want to 'partaaayyyyy' anymore, I don't want 50 million watts of dhik-chik dhik-chik, I don't want 35 half naked VJs/DJs prancing to the 'most mindblowing party of the year!!!' You may kindly shove the 'hottest dance troupes' from Paris or Pathhargatti or whereverthefuck where the sun don't shine. I don't want all this maha pressure of having FUN!! or being seen at this 'do' or that 'blast'.

Being in the extremely 'whatever' mood I am in right now, I don't really know what it is I do want. But I do know that the places I go to and the things I do won't matter at all, compared to who I am with. Of course, this is not something new or wonderfully unique by itself...but it is for me.

There is still a temptation to analyse the year. But no.

What did Narcissus do at the edge of the pool?

He reflected.

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: Teardrop - Massive Attack

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  1. 1. By Yoshi Fuzakeru  |  28 Dec 2004, 2:16pm

    My thoughts EXACTLY !!

    Want to spend NEW Years together with me ( since we both know what we want and dont want and our lists match ) !!

  2. 2. By Sita  |  28 Dec 2004, 3:19pm

    -'Incase you're wondering.. all our parties are like this only.. there's no ding chak ding chak stuff'

    -'I prefer it this way baap.. good music and good booze'

    What ever yer doin, I'm with ya.

  3. 3. By Neurotron  |  28 Dec 2004, 6:36pm

    @Yoshi: heh heh. Sure, why not? ;-) No expectations is good...

    @Sita: of course y'are shweet'art. never a doubt. esp after the last 2 parties... ;-)

  4. 4. By dawn  |  29 Dec 2004, 2:53pm

    i for one wud like to certainly reflect on the past n look for a better future.. i had one of the worst years in my life.. n i donot want to spend this comin yr craving bout people i cannot be with, things i cannot do.
    doesnt matter how much we care n what we do.. some people jus make it a point to let u know u dont matter.

    i want this year to b boozin, no party..a quite time with my family..

    A post that has made me reflect.

  5. 5. By Neurotron  |  30 Dec 2004, 9:56am

    @dawn: hmmm...I'm sorry this wasnt a great year for you. But it's good that you've decided on what you want to do about your happiness.
    I'm glad the post helped you reflect, and hope it helped... :-)

  6. 6. By dawn  |  1 Jan 2005, 4:47pm

    it certainly did, thnku.

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