I've been contemplating posting about the year gone by a lot of times in the past week. All kinds of thoughts have been floating in my head, questions as to where should I begin, how should I go about it, how much should I mention...blah blah. The problem with a predetermined blog is it remains that - a plan which is never executed. Balls, here I am, in all spontaneity.

Dec 30th 2004, 2:44AM. Payne's world. Wide awake.

Wide awake only 'coz of the extended nap in the evening. An year back on this day, I remember having one of my few personal conversations with a friend. I remember not being too senti then...:p Ah well, times change, ppls change. 2003 was an awesome year in all respects - I nearly died in a road accident, made one of the most significant friendships of my life, learnt to drive...but nothing when compared to 2004.

2004. Where do I begin? Going chronologically, the year started off with me slowly screwing up that friendship I've mentioned above. Painstakingly in front of my eyes, I saw everything crumble. *sigh* Left for Saarang, had a whale of a time....wait. This is not right. This is like the NDTV - The Year Gone By, A Review. No. This is my blog. Not a bloody factbook on my life. Vagueness we shall go for. Only one song playing in my cranial Winamp nowadays. Alanis Morrisette - Thank you. A lot to learn from the song. 2004, my year in verse.

how bout me enjoying the moment for once - Jan 2004, thank you Saarang. An experience in all its entirety, 6 days etched in d weird cave paintings in my mind. thank you free sms.

thank you disillusionment - feb 2004, never thought more about where my life was headed, never regretted more about where I'd brought my life to. spent a whole night wondering about opportunities gone...cried

thank you thank you silence - March to August 2004. for helping me grow up. for the worst times of this year. for making me think.

thank you consequence - for me ending up where i am right now...for all the choices seeming right...for me learnin to learn from yesterday, live for today and to dream for 2mro...for a job..:p

thank you fullhyd - May 2004. for this blog, for the DBs, for a space to voice my thoughts. for every other blog, for all the junta here. :D

thank you invisible angel - for all the rants, for all the madness, for all the weirdness, for listening...for bein wid me through d best part of 21 years of my life (can't help it can u? :p)...

thank you providence - for making our paths cross...for showing me that true love does exist...for clearing up a lot of shit in my head...for July 21st, 2004. for September 4th 2004, for fate laughing its head off at all the work, for a night I'll remember for a loong while (Carpe Diem 2004).

thank you clarity - for givin me sight. sight to look back on so much with a smile on my face and sight to look forward n take strength in what i hav now to face everything which life'll throw up. for friendships renewed.

thank you frailty - august 2004, realised the importance of life...the magnitude of death. shaken. This post is in Memory.

thank you hope.

thank you nothingness - for keeping my head lightheaded at all times...for Nov 21st 2004...:)

thank God - for reminding me time and again why it is that I do "believe", thank you faith.

thank you crackpot - for all the advice...for all the madfukk jokes...for makin the end of this year worth everything....for everything.

thank you Lifehouse, Evanescence, Floyd, Kal ho Na Ho and everyone else on Winamp - for providing the OST for this year..:)

thank you 2004 - for friends new and old, for fears untold, for hopes big and bold, for love unconditional, for so much to look back upon but more than anything, so much to look forward to. its been an enchanting journey these past 365 days (with 36 hrs still to go) and here's hoping that 2005 brings along just as much good if not more, there'll always be the downs but heck, utopia was always a boring concept for moi. :p

Senti enough for now.

Yappy noo yyeeeaaa phullhaaid!!


and a prayer for all those affected by the Tsunami. R.I.P to those whose lives have been snuffed out... Hope and Faith to the lakhs of people who have to prevail through the despair and the hard times...This too shall pass. [-o<  Hope that all of you out there have an equally great New Year, may 2005 bring with it joy and happiness boundless.

Grateful, hopeful, smiling.


Bidding farewell to 2004 with a quote borrowed from one of the most important blogs around here - "Someday, when we both reminisce, we'll both say, there wasn't too much we missed; and through the tears, we'll smile when we recall, we had it all, for just a moment. Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true." - St.Elmo's Fire

Goodbye 2004, we had it all. :-)

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