its write some crap..and its far more easy to use those 3 wonderful features "cut copy & paste"...but what do we write? sorry, if generalising is a sin here, let me introspect myself..."what do i write?"...nothingness,emptiness, emotions,joy,loneliness,ecstasy(dont worry..i am not into narcotic business) ...blah blah..all those wonderful words which define various feelings we experience in life..all these feelings trapped in the cages of words..and here,on a blig..they are if some paintings are exhibited in some art gallery..ok..the only difference is that paintings are under art section..and these are really art-less...still..what drives me to key in this..just nothing..its another act of drain out the nothingness suffusing in my mind..and blogs are wonderful things to do that..but whos on the receiving end? i take no claim on the irritation or frustration or whatever..which diffuses into minds of the guy reading this..chill out..its really nothing..

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