the twilight is losing is breath,
another death awaiting...

evening desires dissolving away, unfulfilled,
in the seeping currents of crimson breezes.
each moment mounting on the next,
just like that thought of yesterday and tomorrow,
playing with the ruins of today...
like all moments, these too appear fleeting...
i know not what they mean, when they sing in harmony,
"another death awaiting..."

the night came in just like a lady,
a beautiful lady, bathing in the stream...
the silent stream of dimming darkness...
dressed in the moonlight robes,
with stars woven on the edges of it's skirt,
she walked away repeating,
the same song i heard before,
"another death awaiting..."

in my room, the freshness of the dawn,
with all the langour of the summer,
embraces me to wake me up...
the night, the lady, the twilight,
the moments of thought in conflict,
all are gone, with the same farewell greeting...
leaving me alone, with yet another day which sings,
"another death awaiting..."

Current Mood: Relieved
Current Music: raag panthuvaraali