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Gaias revenge

Neurotron | 31 December 2004, 10:56am

Gaia's bloody pissed off.

She's rumbled from deep within and with one tidal wave has shown her might. We little beings, insignificant in the face of time, absolutely powerless, can only scurry around looking for succour; a shield from the wrath, shelter from the storm.

If the earth's entire history is compressed into one year, humanoids make their first appearance on the planet at 10.30 p.m on New Year's Eve. And all of recorded human history begins at 11.59 p.m, December 31st. It's only taken us one minute to do what we've done to the planet. She couldn't have picked a more appropriate time to let us know she isn't too thrilled about it.

Think about that when you begin your party-fuelled 60-second countdown this year. And think about what we are all actually counting down to.

Ha ha ha!!

It's quite funny, actually, in a macabre, dark humour sort of way...


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  1. 1. By subliminalGuru  |  31 Dec 2004, 2:32pm

    I guess, its just the price we pay. Nothing sad, nothing happy, just business. Whose side are u on Neuro?

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