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Jasz "The Spammer" A | 12/05/2004, 04:28 hrs

One of the most interesting theories I’ve heard about Naidu’s loss was his loss of the Government Employee vote bank. Apparently he made them work so hard that they held it against him and did not vote for him. This is all I need to hear to go off into my whats-wrong-with-this-country rant.

Beaurocracy is the most important thing that is troubling India today. If werent for these friggin beaurocrats, we would have got the Krishna water months ago. We would have driven over the Tank Bund Flyover months ago (other reasons notwithstanding). The so called Babuism is a plague unto India and we will not develop until this problem is seen to.

Another of my pet peeves are all the damn protesters. They protest for every frigging thing. This has led me to hate MKGandhi and his goddman policy of silent protest. It has caused people to follow his ideals at the drop of the hat, since protesting this way does not need determination or belief in the cause. If they feel like it, all they gotta do is tie a few banners and sit on the side of the road, before taking out a procession from Caf

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