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Kanthri roads.

Neurotron | 3 January 2005, 9:23pm

Kanthri (Telugu, colloquial) : cheap, bad, of poor quality

It's time for a road trip, dammit.

Rider Mania '05 - here I come!!

This weekend is the annual Royal Enfield bikers' meet at Mumbai. People coming in from all over the country, apparently. Yeah, I don't have wunnadem bikes - I have been invited to join a friend of mine. This clarification is for all the brilliant ones who remember my baby Michelle and are wondering if I've already dumped her. Not a chance, baybay.

I've been wanting to do this for ages. And it was really nice of my friend to invite me, considering I'd known him for, oh about one week. A long ride means long hours in close quarters and constant company. You gotta assess how comfortable you are going to be with the other person being with you all the time. Conversation will inevitably dry up, and you've got to be confident the silences won't get awkward. In any case, this should be one heck of an experience.


Friday, 7th Jan.
5.30 a.m : drive
6 p.m.: reach. drink.

Saturday, 8th Jan.
Morning: drink.
Afternoon: Lectures (katthe)
Evening: Drink.

Sunday, 9th Jan.
Morning: drink.
Afternoon: Biker competitions - all sorts
Evening: Drink.

Monday, 10th Jan.
morning morning: drive back.
evening: reach.
in 15 minutes: pass out.

Tuesday, 11th Jan.
Afternoon: wake up. Call in sick.

I just hope the roads aren't too bad. Last I heard, they were really kanthri.
Now, excuse me while I go put on mah leather jacket, mah glurves, mah boots, mah Ray-Bans, and ride away on a 350cc - powered mass of mahasexy metal.

Oh yeah!

Current Mood: Triumphant
Current Music: Evanescence

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