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Whats ur fav one?

Posted by chandu | 14/01/2005 10:13

  One thing that I cannot live without is Yahoo messenger.I have always been fascinated with the status messages people use..some creative,some weird and some others obviously copy-pasted.I would like to  mention some of the status  messages I loved using.This was the  first status message I used- Invincible..sounds like invisible..but is invincible.I wish I always was in that 'Invincible' mode.Another message that I used for a long period of time was the punch line of the movie Gladiator-'What we do in life echoes in eternity'.liked this so much after  watching the movie and this obviously had to be my status message.
 Now,this one also has to be one of my favs.My frnd often uses this-    ,|,,    For those of u who didnt understand it,it is written in the language where the  use of only the central finger is allowed.
 Another one that caught my attention was"gimme a ctrl+g".good one,na?
 And now the status message that i have been using since Jan 1,2005  -  "A workaholic since Jan 1,2005'.Hope I retain this for the rest of the year!
 p.s:Whats ur fav one?

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