1) Broadband has become cheaper and faster (or so they say).
         2) CAT is history. The war is over,no sign of victory but no great damage to the mind,soul,no suicidal instincts yet .
        3) The puppy's got a home.Raymond will find a new family again,to play with ,live with and grow up with (heres hoping that he finds his way back here again :-p).
        4)Clothes are beginning to fit again.So now,i actually get to open the closet,and even better-i get to wear the stuff inside it .
       5)College two days a week,national holidays on those days alone ! Two hours of classes,one hour of which goes into Headstart ! :-)
      6)Digital Camera dreams peeking from the future...therefore trying to be very nice to my dad.
      7)People going to the USA,I-20 dreams coming true ..very very happy for them.
      8)People promising to get me stuff from the USA ,still very very happy for them.
      9)Smiles all over,no unhappy faces , everybody has places to go to,everybodys on their way to their respective green pastures.
   10)Happiness has been multiplied 60*24 times.Thank you.
    11) A journey in the offing,an experience of a lifetime waiting ...a lifetime i come.:-)
                      It IS the time to disco !!!

Current Mood: Grand
Current Music: Love me do ..