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13 May 2004


Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 11:20am

Is it just me or does the Forrest Gump soundtrack send shivers down your spine..i hate these cliche's ..anyways...it's 2 in the night..damn the night shift...there are like three people here..one fella hoovering...another reading a screenplay on the net and moi and me muzik! anyways..was listenign to the Forrest Gump sound track..shucks..my entire life flashed by in an insta-second...

Sangeet theatre...ma, dad, moi..moi in a florid tropical shirt (the tropical shirts were to be a permanent  fixture in my hare-brained pre-pubescent days and for several post-pubescent years...hee hee..why do you think my brother refused to acknowledge me in public for several years!). anyways moving away from the lurid topic of my florid shirt...the movie itslef was fantastic...the soundtrack led me to my special tape -pal club with Capn Corny..the heat reistant tape boxes..my initaition to retro music...the whole rock and rock..sixties grooves..mmmm...very nice.

Life really is like a box of choclate. Couple of frames stuck in my head..Forrest (Tom hanks) running.. RUN FORREST (BRACES FALLING OFF) FORREST RUNNING....RUN FORREST (DASHING THRU THE STADIUM)...FORREST ..ERR..not running..but ' underperforming the day he and girl friend get wet in the rain....Gary Sinise and his first haul of shrimp (?)..and the last frame..with the feather flying away..it's  long camera pull-out with the soundtrack just so easily smoothing out of the shot...veryyyyy nice!

aah...am all happy now..shite! need to get back to work!


Current Mood: Happy Indeed!

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