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15 Jan 2005


Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 1:25pm

 Lightbulb's going off in my head LIKE A 1000 WALA garland. woo hoo

When we saw the 'Sputniks'( had you been reading my posts, you would be nodding knowledgly - SO GO BACK AND READ EM!!)  descend on Top Station like a group of jabbering simians, I paid no attention. But when we were

stranded at the place - my evil little mind twitched into action and I decide maybe we should hitch a ride back into town with them in their charming little Van
(which had a lot of place to accomadate our mangy selves!!!) So, with Bo's assent, we went ahead with the plan.My smattering of Malyalam came in good use,and

we bagged the ride!

Only for us to decide later, this was really cool and we should hang out with them- the ride was cheap, fast and really comfy -so what if Moppy kept having these

whiny little doubts he wanted answered from these guys - and I had to translate for him. And Moppy was having doubt diarrohea -'What is that plant there?' 'Why

are the roads so narrow' 'How does the hydraulic pulley work in the dam' 'Will someone stop the van, i need to pee!' accckkkkkk!!!!! someone stuff a sock in this

bloke's kisser!!!??!!

But really, the sputniks were fun and the whole of Munnar was covered becuse we hitched with them ..so what if by the end of the day I had a ticker running in my head - one in english , the other in malyalam - and I kept translating stuff even as I slept.NEWSFLASH:  I turned into LOla kutty. dont belive me, ask BO!!! HAHHAHA- this is really funny - Bo's name is also...B.O - like Body odour..hahahah - hmmm, our names really do speak for us!!!

Ok- Munnar done - onward to Periyar.


There are no tigers in Periyar Reserve - sez who?says moi - at least thereare'nt any photo friendly tigers who come to lap water from the edge of the periyar lake as boats crammed with humans pass them by - all the while, chattering away, eating chips loudly and training cameras in direction of above mentionned Tiger!  There are no human friendly tigers who'll pose for pictures for us - or even wild elephants who'll time their tramping about as the boat passes through the reserve.basically my gripe is that we didnt see any of those stupid animals! Instead we saw wild deer, some big pig and I think a black moneky as it flew across the air (probably to mount an elephant thats standing on a tiger!) damn and double damn!! arey yaar, i can see all those stupid animals back in the Hyd zoo itslef!!

But the trip was worth it - Coz I and Bo swapped  funny tiger stories - Like the Kid at the Delhi zoo who wanted to feed a peanut (a peanut!!! read this slowly - a PEANUT!) to a Tiger! the tiger chomped off the kid's hand , and spat out the peanut!! FUNNY !! or the two guys who, on new Year's wanted to garland a tiger in the Kolkata Zoo.One fella got mauled and kicked the bucket, the other guy managed to live to tell the tale.a picture taken of this garlanding snafu was sold by the third friend for 35 K!! whew, talk about putting money where the Mouth is!!!

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  1. By george

    15 Jan 2005, 2:25pm [ Reply ]

    While u are at it i recommend u do the kumarakaom boat thingie.. u might even manage to snag a fish or two in the bogs :)
    quite sometime since i visited the ol lungi land.. glad all is well :)
    u are a seriously funny man

  2. By prosent

    19 Mar 2005, 2:45pm [ Reply ]

    bad joke

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