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my nemesis is back!

Posted by chandu | 16/01/2005 22:41

 It was on 27th nov,2003 that our cable connection was done with.The statistics surprised even me:

before disconnecting:failed an average of 4.67 exams per sem            

after disconnecting:cleared 22 exams(all 22 of them) which included 4 semesters!

Now that the connection is back,I hope i dont get back to my old ways!




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  1. Posted by Aish
    16 Jan 2005, 11:41pm

    So u cann't blame cable connection 4 tat.. May be u only focussed more on tat rather den studies atleast b'coz after the free time u got tat was occupied by watching cable u conentrated on ur studies..

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