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13 May 2004


Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 11:39am

The Indian Postal system is really efficient..i say this great confidence because I have on several occasions posted stuff and it ahs rather safely reached the intended reciepients...

well,t eh point of this post?hee hee pun intended..! I was walking down today..saw a twig and the follwing postal thoughts whizzed thru my head..

1)If you a picka twig (a lrge one..the type you herd goats with..not big enuff for buffaloes..but big enough for a small battlaion of goats) ..anyways..picka twig..licka  stamp and stick it on it...and post it...will it reach the person..oh yea..we will put a small sticker wiht the address on it...so the all important question is ...WILL IT REACH THE PERSON?

cribbyscamp says it shud...it's got a stamp..plus an address..so it shud reach the person!! i'm gonna try and mail myself a twig tomrrow!

2)England has strict laws regarding possesion of heroin right? so suppose we take a small amount of crack, slip it in an envelope and then mail it to the Queen...then catch ehr opening it and THEN (TA DA!) ..TRY HER FOR POSSESION!!!!...wouldn't that be ...hee hee 'cracking'...?imagine the old doderring hack spending  a night in some wayward cell for possesion of drugs! old horse face Charles will havta bail her out..hee hee...this is hilarious!!

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