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Hamare paas kya hain,aih?

Posted by chandu | 18/01/2005 09:05

 During my recent visit to Bangalore,few things really caught my  attention.The ones worth writing about here are:
 1).The really really gud-looking girls(man,felt I was in heaven when I was  walking through MG Road,Briagde road et al).
 2).Radio city 91FM.
 Now,there`s nothing much that I and U can do about the first one,but why the hell are we not having a good radio station here in Hyderabad?!Small cities like Indore and Pune(small when compared to Hyd i.e) can boast  of really hot stations like Radiomirchi.Why are people hesitant about setting up one here?Is it because we dont have a 'cool' crowd here or is that what they think of us!We have our share of happening places,pubs.We really deserve better than this.The only request show that really caters  to   hyderabadis(or to telugus) is the one thats aired on Gemini tv in the    mornings.I really was thinking abt why people are hesitant to start a venture  like that in they have in Chennai,Ahmedabad etc.Now,the reason I am writing all this is because my speakers have not been working properly of  late.Hope we soon have some  mirchi..oops radiomirchi in our lives!

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