SAD  things in life (mostly mine!)

 let me just rate it down to 10 most sad things in the past 6months.

10 Sita deleting her blog and not allowing any comments on her yanother blog....gochhu i might kill you

9 me rhyming on 10

8 Lilly deleting her blog...why did she do it? it was so niceee

7 me liking pre historic egyptian art after admiring a naked pregnant woman's  4 inch statue for 10mins and observing it...Im not a pervert

6 my guitar sounding extremely sad (nirvana could sound like Oasis painfullllll) I dont know how much i had to vend it to make it sound that sad

5 Me realizing axl is still alive just 3 months ago

4 me realizing Kurt is dead 1 month ago

3 me falling in love with this dead dude

2 Me trying to bring him back from the dead...fh any experience in necromancy?

1 Me writin this post sad very sad



Am in love with Kurt and i think i need help

Am in love with a dead guy and i think i need help.

For all those of you  who still dont know who Kurt is....well its about time you got to know.

WHy is he is so unfair


Current Mood: Heartbroken
Current Music: NIRVANA (wht did u expect gnr?)