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13 May 2004

Paragon of Animals

Posted by Oblivion in General | 6:12pm

It always confounds me that man, with all his intelligence, could not invent a better societal institution than marriage, and a better system of governance. Both of them have done more harm than good.

Does it prove the fact that man loves to be with the known, no matter howevermuch a mess it is, than to be free from the known? I suppose it does. 

Reminds me JK's wonderful book - 'Freedom from the Known'.

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  1. By Chrys

    13 May 2004, 8:54pm [ Reply ]

    I agree Vj, politics, marriage and religion are the biggest mistakes of mankind.

  2. By Vj

    13 May 2004, 8:32pm [ Reply ]

    Is that a consolation enough? We are not hunting for food, but we are hunting for power. We are killing one another in the name of religion, nationality, etc. And are you sure enough we are not killing one another for land?? A little of history and current affairs would help. And marriage? Do you really believe it is any good? I'm not questioning the relationship, but the insititution. Love is the only thing important in a relationship, and where it is not, it should not be enforced. Marriage gives more importance to this and that and neglects the individual. No great thinker had appreciated them. I don't think it implies pessimism. It rather implies constructive thinking - to see things as they are and find out ways of improving them.

    Have a great day, buddy!

  3. By Bigmouth

    13 May 2004, 7:12pm [ Reply ]

    More harm than good ? You sure about that ?

    I find that a pretty pessimistic way of looking at things. Look at the bright side dude. At least we're not hunting for food or killing each other over Land ... Or in the case of marriage .. (You get the picture right ?)

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