Jasz is Pissed

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 13/05/2004, 15:37 hrs

I dont know if this is because of some bug on FullHyd.com (probably not). Or maybe its just me and my F**K*D up comp but do I see Fallen Angel's blog having the same post inspite of the site saying that she posted an update?

If that's the case, Jasz is pissed and will let you know that deleting a post and re-using it to increase your blog-view-count is a pathetic sign. Obviously Fallen Angel is looking for some attention.

Moreover Jasz is warning all these attention seekers. He doesn't want anybody to be more desperate than him. Also Jasz is jealous of Fallen ANgel since she is the 2nd most popular blogger here.

Current Mood: Angry
Current Music: NDTV announcing a Cong sweep

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Responses to Jasz is Pissed

  1. Dear Jasz "The Spammer" Alcatraz:

    It was a bug in our scripts. Thanks for poitning it out - we've rectified it. Cheers!


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