If you believe in God then you have to believe in the devil.

IS that true? I heard my cousin tell me that and she's shit scared of the dark and devilish. I somehow don't believe in Devils but her one line is making me think a bit too much.

I tried to reason myself,

If you think you can pass then you can fail.(still a school girls mind)

If you think you can live today then you can die today.

I don't know I just came up with the most stupid thoughts like these but I'm not able to counter my cousins line. Seriously, I don't wanna sit and believe that there exists a devil, downstairs in my house if I go to drink water at 2 in the night.

I told my cousin I went down stairs at 2 in the night and she was like WHOA, aren't you scared? That's how the story started.

I had an awesome dream last night, apparently I was talking to 2 people at the foot of my bed. Lets call them dead man and dead woman. They are talking, I interfere and say hey guys wassup? and dead woman responds why dint you cry when I died? Apparently I was dumb struck and I said well I dint feel like it. Dead man gets angry and says Your not suppose to say that to a dead woman and yells at me a little more.

I wonder what that mean............I CAN SEE DEAD PEOPLE!


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