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Neurotron | 31 January 2005, 11:26am

Tonight, memories nurture the pain
And still, black falls the rain
I fight hard, yet lose
As it was, so it still is
Strangely both better and worse
And still, regrettably,
That deep welt my heart doth stain

Words fail both you and I
A strange alchemy this,
That turns gold to stone
A conversion infernal
A strange promised land this,
Where springs deemed eternal
Are doomed to run dry

May the rivers you cry
One day shatter the stone
May the cracks bleed you dry
Of despair, like I have known
May the streaked cheeks shine
Like your eyes at my song
On this day,
May you be reborn.

Happy Birthday

Current Mood: Bye!
Current Music: Fade - Staind

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  1. 1. By Jai  |  31 Jan 2005, 12:26pm

    I realy wish i understood the mood of the verses. Pretty confusing, but in a good way though

  2. 2. By Neurotron  |  31 Jan 2005, 1:55pm

    Jai, it is a sort of mood swing i guess; I realise that now when u mention it.
    Starts with an expression of pain, moves to contemplations of why and how come, and ends on a mellow, sort of detached well-wishing. :-)

  3. 3. By Jai  |  31 Jan 2005, 3:04pm

    from the mood swing, i understand it is a case of the past memory or a present trauma. but dont know which one is better. anyway, good luck lad.

  4. 4. By drp  |  31 Jan 2005, 6:43pm

    dude. is it ur budday or wat? did i miss out on treat-veet like that? :|

  5. 5. By Jai  |  31 Jan 2005, 8:40pm

    Na, drp, it cant be neurotron s birthday,his is hard to forget for reasons known and unknown.
    take a good guess.

  6. 6. By Jai  |  31 Jan 2005, 8:43pm

    dude, cocming back to the mood of the poem, was actually reading alexander pope this arvo, his writign style is very similar, mood wise. this specific one called eloisa to abelard

  7. 7. By blur  |  31 Jan 2005, 10:06pm

    budday, yaw thats why i tot too lol

    liked it! a bit
    complicated for me too

  8. 8. By Neurotron  |  1 Feb 2005, 9:17am

    @drp: no man, not my birthday...

    @Jai: u still remember it eh? ;-)
    Must confess I havent read much Pope, but nice to know Im at the foothills of exalted company.

  9. 9. By Neurotron  |  1 Feb 2005, 9:18am

    @Blur: :-) Thats ok, some parts are a bit too complicated for me too!

  10. 10. By jai  |  1 Feb 2005, 10:03am

    yeah man, its some how hard to forget.

  11. 11. By Stupendous Man  |  1 Feb 2005, 10:35am

    Loved the last verse. Very well written. :)

  12. 12. By Neurotron  |  2 Feb 2005, 9:46am

    @Jai: :-)

    @SM: Thank you. Nice to see you here.. :-)

  13. 13. By Aran  |  1 Sep 2006, 8:30pm

    I keep coming back to this. I suppose my returning to it after a year and a half speaks for itself. :)

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