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5 Feb 2005

Weekend Contemplation

Posted by Oblivion in General | 2:06am

What is the one event that, if ever happens, will disillusion me and shatter my faith in humanity, or love, or whatever I have been holding with significance?

Why does one believe that everything and everyone out there exist to fulfill his expectations? Everything and everyone have their own ways. Why cannot one settle with this absolute fact? Why does one carry such excess, redundant, and useless mental baggage? Why is one apprehensive of just walking on the road of life without knowing what lies ahead?

Contrary to what people believe, taking life as it comes, with no care for security, is not same as being insensitive. Licentiousness is not same as freedom. To be open to the fact that anything can happen is not same as giving up on life and conclude anything is right. Sensitivity hasn't got anything to do with a wholesome display of emotions. To be sensitive is to be completely aware of life, every moment. When one is so aware, one doesn't become arrogant so to attempt putting life in a straightjacket. To expect life to follow one's logic belies all understanding of life.

This, however, does not imply that one takes the gravity and gore of even war with an air of easiness or dismissiveness. It just means one is open to the uncertainty of life, that one follows every note of life as it is plays, and moves along with no conclusions or expectations.

Disillusionment is just a reaction; realization and insight are wholly different. 

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