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Rock Show

Neurotron | 17 February 2005, 12:04pm

Come Friday evening, Feb 18th 2005 at 6 p.m., Microtone will be performing at Nizam College, as part of the festival "Expressions".
The band was last seen at Carpe Diem, CBIT, last year, where they came as a surprise package, playing songs nobody ever thought they would get to hear on stage in Hyderabad.
Now Microtone is all geared up, with a new member on vocals and guitars, and set to kick some ass...again.
Be there! And I can guarantee, we'll play you stuff never heard before live in Hyderabad!

Last heard, Native Tongue have also agreed to play and headline the event, and take the Alternative Rock revolution further.

Viva La Revolution!

You know ya gotta be there.

Current Mood: Heroic
Current Music: Blindsight - Microtone

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  1. 1. By jai  |  17 Feb 2005, 1:04pm

    n man... who are the wankes in microtone? anyway that i know?
    n boy... looks like nizams is totally out of the ABVP clutches now. i guess its the congress govt.

  2. 2. By Neurotron  |  17 Feb 2005, 4:04pm

    It's easy to sit back and say 'wankers' jai...but it's something else to get up on stage and perform.
    Unfortunately, ABVP still has its claws on NC - just that SFI is presenting an opposing voice, that's all. Apparently, a rock show is not worth spending money on and is 'against our culture', but an ABVP-organised 'fashion show' costing upward of 40 grand is fine.
    Not much has changed, eh?

  3. 3. By blur  |  17 Feb 2005, 7:27pm

    i want pictures of it......a lotta of'em, i already told a micrtonE (if thats how you call'em :-p) but I want pictures, make sure u post some.

    Good luck to you guys.....ROck on :D

  4. 4. By blur  |  17 Feb 2005, 7:27pm

    i know you still dint record blind sight heheheh or did you? :-p

  5. 5. By Yoshi  |  17 Feb 2005, 9:57pm

    ok, maybe i'm way out of my league here....but who did you say microtone was again ?

    ( neurotron, you sound like a band member i your post and the way you've been defending them in the comments )

  6. 6. By Jaszalcatraz  |  17 Feb 2005, 10:41pm

    Sooooo........ur the new vocalist eh??

    I sorta know the other members .... pretty cool chaps....never heard u play though....i'll be there

  7. 7. By Jaszalcatraz  |  17 Feb 2005, 10:41pm

    oops....was i supposed to be secretive......not the JaszMan..sorry

  8. 8. By romu  |  17 Feb 2005, 11:13pm

    :-0 !
    vocalist ?
    new ?
    microtones ?
    Nizam ?
    6 ?
    huh ?


  9. 9. By Jai  |  18 Feb 2005, 4:33am

    hey neurotron.... u the vocalist? man.... i did nt know that... i ll take the "wanker" word back. Apologies

  10. 10. By Neurotron  |  18 Feb 2005, 9:26am

    Blur, yup, hopefully you'll get lotsa pictures. N no, Blindsight hasnt been recorded yet, but Im working on getting a decent studio. :-)

    Yoshi, Microtone is a relatively new rock band, basically, whose first stage performance was last year. Yeah, Im a member, but the defence was a general one and not because i'm a member of this particular band. :-) Also, Ive known Jai for quite a while now...he knows it's not an aggressive stance Im taking... :-)

  11. 11. By Neurotron  |  18 Feb 2005, 9:29am

    JaszMan, yeah, I'm the new vocalist. It's not a secret or anything, but I wanted to advertise the band and the show here, not ME! Anyway, great to hear u'll be there. ;-)

    Romu, so u coming then?

  12. 12. By Neurotron  |  18 Feb 2005, 9:31am

    Jai man, that's ok. i was just trying to change ur perspective, thats all. No apologies needed between us.

  13. 13. By blur  |  21 Feb 2005, 6:25am

    ok done with stupendous woman too now, waiting for yours to happen why why whyyyy (supernova istyle)

  14. 14. By Jai  |  22 Feb 2005, 10:44am

    good luck with ur budding music career dude.... but u are nt bidding goodbye to science are u?
    either way... good luck man.
    n by the way... how was the gig? and is boy still around? will catch up with u man... i am coming home soon.

  15. 15. By Black Wizard  |  4 Jun 2005, 6:44am

    I heard you were shown the door by the band. 'Your reputation preceeds you, sir.'Does that ring a bell?

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