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14 May 2004

Thought for the Day

Posted by Oblivion in General | 3:09pm

I was just wondering... Is man the only animal that celebrates mating?

In primitive communities, as they didn't have adequate knowledge, all the unexplained things were attached to miracles. Hence, superstitions and attaching mysterious significance to common-place events. Interestingly, this habit has survived through millennia, all the blah blah about 'becoming more civilized' notwithstanding.

Seriously, do we need to continue? Why are we so anthropocentric?

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  1. By Vj

    14 May 2004, 4:39pm [ Reply ]

    Hi Neurotron

    It'd certainly be wonderful to meet in person and share ideas, and have fun. Let's plan this. Or, if you already have been planning, I'd love to join.

    (P.S. Btw, I surely wasn't suggesting anything extreme - shagging sheep, etc :) )

  2. By Neurotron

    14 May 2004, 4:09pm [ Reply ]

    I hope your idea of being non-anthropocentric does not involve shagging sheep! Which they do in some parts, by the way...
    Anyway, methinks it might be a terrific idea to get some of the bloggers here on fullhyd to meet, sit, and have a proper discussion. You raise some very interesting point Vj, and I would respond, but it makes little sense to do it here. In person and under the influence is much better!

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