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Merc or Microlight

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 10:54

I was planning to buy a merc (saale, abhi nahi....after 2007 August). I was discussing with one another friend of mine which one to buy and we were discussing on the models and the prices. I know the E class prize coz i used to sell the bookings of the car in 1995.. Now you know where the salesman in me come out. I used to work in chennai, Bank of America selling MERC "E" class bookings.

There are two varieties in E class called E220 the petrol version and E250 the diesel one and cost almost like the version numbers the petrol  costs less around 22,00,000 Rs/- and Diesel around 24,50,000 Rs/-. There was an ad for the same at 0% interest that you pay 2,00,000 in the inital amount and 30k per month emi for 7 years (84 months). I got fascinated to the ad and that would not be a great deal for me after couple of years. So i decided to buy a merc.

Now my friend said ajay, why do you want to buy a merc . have you ever thought of buying a aircraft ? He was asking it very politely as if have you ever thought buying a MTB Ranger. I was laughing at him and said kya mujhe pagal samaj rahe ho ? Infact i was pissed!!

Then he explained me that there is a version called Microlight aircraft and it would cost around 9,00,000 Rs/- and i can get a good loan at 0% interest from the banks and i should try it. Well i did a lot of Research i will post it in the next blog



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kiran | 23/02/2005, 11:54

good suggestion from your friend but what about the maintenece costs???

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Ajay | 23/02/2005, 12:07

Maintenance is cheaper than the merc's cost. The total maitenance with a hangar in hyd airport and a cleaning person costs around 9k per month. Also the mileage is 6km/lt. which is equivalent to any luxury car. The time for crusing around 400 crow miles is almost 4 hours which means the journey from hyderabad to chennai or bangalore is around max of 4 hrs if you are not lost !!

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RH | 23/02/2005, 12:44

if one flies to bangalore they have to pay costs at that airport too rite? and how much would that cost...anyway a very interesting idea

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ajay | 23/02/2005, 13:01

well...its very minimal and i think they calculate on a daily basis. if at all we own such a aircraft dont we own a suburb with a ground lenght of 300 mts and a cover shed or rent an empty land which is at almost 3000 bucks per month outside any city which you travel most this will work out to be peanuts

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