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Microlight Aircrafts - II

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 23:48

There are 500 X-air variations of Microlight around the world. This itself enough to speak about hte popularity. This is mainly used by farmers for crop spraying and can go on an altitude of 20000 km. This can go at a speed of 80 km/h .

more spec detaisl are available from this website. The reason for this not being popular in India one could be the parking place. Second, it can carry only 2 passengers (including the pilot). So, its kind of my own plane. I was telling my mom this idea and she was dead against this coz of hte fact that i cant take both dad and mom together.

Anyway, for sometime i was thinking of its usage and needs for a normal person like me . I shall put it in next blog. But the specs for this is

Stall Speed 45 Km/h
Max Speed level flight 120 Km/h
Min Practical Speed level flight 65 Km/h
Economy Cruise 80 - 100 Km/h
Best Rate of Climb 3 meters/sec At 80 km/h
Best Glide Ratio 9 to 1
Distance to clear 15 m at Take off 220 meters
Distance to clear 15 m at landing 230 meters
Rolling Distance at Take off 100 meters
Fuel Consumption 13 litres/hour at 80 Km/h
Useful ceiling 12000 ft


Third could be due to the rolling distance at take off . It requires 100 meters and people living in the city cannot afford in the middle of the city a 100 mts distance .

I think working for microsoft is a definite advantage coz there is enough parking place for my aircraft and also the take off distance but i wonder the travelling time from home (chennai) to office. ITs almost 300 crow flies distance ;)


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