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what all can u do with a microlight?

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 16:19

I was thinking of ways and means to use the microlight . The first advantage that came to my mind is

1. Propose your girl friend for marriage in mid-air

2. Nice way to have a date. you dont need to search for a secluded place to cuddle each other

3. For girls who are scared of darkness take them to the stars and tell them to hug u tight otherwise you would not come down

4. Travel to home and to office would take 3 hours and total journey is 6 hours and its worth and have a nice home cooked meal.

5. Wherever your girl friend is be with her.

6. Can stay back in girl friends place and say that you are in hyderabad when you really are in chennai.

7. a long drive would mean a vacation to delhi / agra / singapore / srilanka.

8. A vacation with  this would mean a stopover in 4 countries and u can evidently travel to London / paris.

9... i am not able to write anymore ..fingers are paining so why dont u throw up an idea.




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kiran | 23/02/2005, 17:19

as well have a cheaper airfare and wooo people

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Ajay | 24/02/2005, 15:16

yeah...thats a nice idea rent it out to the romeos and show off their dates to juliet.. I am also plannin to remodel so that it can accomodate one more person :)

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