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IIM K kicks off its placements 05

Posted by Swaname | 24/02/2005 09:01

Starting on 21st april 2005 kicked off amid all exitement. Big companies which i never dreamt of some two three ago sitting in my college in the outskirts of the city. I thought then our college was the best Gandipet at one side, Ocean park , TI at the other side. Now here in Kozhikode nothing is thought off and is beyond visual imagination.
Our campus is attop 2 cocunut farm cladded hills. First day I landed in Kozhikode I got a warm welcome from mother nature herself with cool shower. I was the 1st person on campus to drive/arrive at the campus on bike which I bought along, The drive to campus seemed to be never ending. Long drive along small and beautiful lanes engulfed by tress, houses , fields nd hills. Terrain is exquisitely chisiled to perfection. Moss on the boundary walls along the route appears soo near to nature nd beauty.
Then the surprise of all was wen the campus actully arrived its a 2 km drive uphill, The hill rather 2 hills is home to IIM k amid beautiful valley and cocunut plantations. The walkway to our alloted rooms were like a walkway in a good hotel, I got a valley facing view and perhaps the best balcony view in the entire campus. I get a feeling that I can bend over and touch the beautiful valley below. In other balconies there seems to have visual distance or farther from the valley.
IIM K never seizes to surprise me... today admist all the MDI Pagalguy controversy our process started on 21st and by end of today all are placed. What amazes me is that many many companies are still lined up and have no where to go. There are no enough people. Supply demand imbalances. Surprising enough systems companies are offerin far less compared to other companies like GMR, US s/w etc. All the better it's really motivating me to take on a stream which appears really hard for me though its a strm of my liking. So I might look forward to major in Finance without worrying about CGPA's and corresponding job offers / rejects. With nearly 90 in lateral bracket our future appears really bright. I'll try post some placement data immediately after official consent is given by the place commitee. Untill then keep blogging.........

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  1. Posted by Portuguese Man-Of-War
    24 Feb 2005, 9:17am

    But IIMC is the best.

  2. Posted by another_bskooler
    24 Feb 2005, 3:51pm

    hahaha :))

    please dont make this another pagalguy :p please.

  3. Posted by drp
    14 Mar 2005, 9:47am


    ROTFL @ PMOW's comment! :D :D

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