if chethan sharma could write a book about his life, so can i? this was the 1st thought, or say, a fleet of thoughts which piled up as i was flipping through the pages of the book "5 point somone". tracing the story of 3 intelligent chaps who screw their IIT careers, falling for grass, vodka and floyd(what a combo right) and ofcourse a girl too, the book is quite interesting..it comes with a tag-line "what not to do at IIT". the title befits the story perfectly because all the 3 fellows manage only 5 point plus GPA, on a 10 point scale.finally each of them wake up late and 2 of them, somehow make it to the road of success. chethan bhagath finally gets to knock the door of the prestigious IIM-A( maan!the very name beats my ego..that i feel like giving a shot one more time).
we all look back at our life.quite often that too.we talk about our experiences.write about tehm in mails.and if talent wakes up, we end up writing books.Autobiographies.why do we do that? if i ask UG, he would say ,"because man doesnt want to die..he wants to continue life..even after death..so he tries to live through all these things..". well, though i partially agree, i am no UG.i am just like anyone, trying my best not to cross the line of self-indulgence but occassionally managing to fail in that, that i write mails paraphrasing the thoughts moving through the corridors of my mind.but reading that book did push that thought ahead.

i am no chethan bhagath, but his life is not too different from mine. excuse those doses of grass,frequent sips of vodka(although i like it) and ofcourse a girl, the rest of it seems quite similar.sorry, it seemed quite similar.but i know, i cannot write the same story again.especially when writing something autobiographical itself doesnt run down well. i dont know why, i have often resisted autobiographies.call it a natural opinion, but it was alsoechoed well in the period flick "hey! ram", where vasundhara das(sss...she looks seductive isnt it) asks her husband kamal haasan if he would like to read "my experiments with truth" and he retorts back with a "i dont like semi-fiction". watching it, i had this put up this proud smile on my face as if i wrote that dialogue myself. though i didnt, i was happy to see my thought voiced out on screen. we are that way right. we like it when we find something about us on screen.
UG says "all biographies are lies" and "all autobiographies are double lies".i dont agree with it and at times, we cant even disagree. perhaps he was not good at euphemisms but whatever,i would give a better deal to biographies over the latter.but think of it, are not my mails little autobiographies? they are. that should remind you that geminis contradict themselves a lot.i am no exception.what more, i even encourage people, close friends to write down something about their daily life.jot down stuff and things like that.dont let your thoughts evaporate into nothingness, i say.now am i not coaxing to write your own mini autobiographies?...i do right..but why is it that no one ever writes some crap like that for me to read on...may be pple are too self-conscious about what they write. i am not, which is why i am writing this. pointless.purposeless. still, it attempts to drive the point that aakarsh likes to write a lot, even though it doesnt make much sense, atleast for now.

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