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28 Feb 2005

What If?

Posted by Oblivion in General | 10:02pm

What if all this world is just an experiment? An experiment designed to fool one person, say Mr Z? What if the world maps, history, biographies, evolution theories, etc are all fiction, just to ensure that Z isn't troubled by the faintest signs of doubt? What if everything is created on the fly, just as the landscape is created in a virtual racing game as the car moves ahead? What if everything is meant to vanish the very next moment after the death of Z? What if all of Z's friends, relations, acquaintances, colleagues, strangers, and everyone else are merely actors who are told what to say and do? What if everybody and everything that Z has seen or known or imagined knows that their only function is to keep him in delusion? What if Bertrand Russell, Plato, JK, etc were never born and that their books, biographies and photographs are just manufactured to keep Z busy thinking and wondering? What if there was no such place as NY, and that WTC attack, Bin Laden, Bush, UN, Kofi Annan, War on Iraq, etc were just gimmicks of someone's imagination - again, to remind Z that there certainly is something out there? What if his friends never go abroad but just go to a retreat at some secret place, and make him believe that they are indeed in US/UK/Australia/etc? And, if Z likes to visit a place, what if it is created right at that very moment to make the impression of reality ever so stronger?

Yes, what if everything is just an experiment?

A fitting case for paranoia extremis, but a fantastic experiment to test the strength of delusions.

Freaky as it sounds, that it is not absolutely impossible makes the question 'What if?' linger...

(It reminds me of Russell's idea that the assumption of the world having been created just five minutes ago and the memory having been so programmed that it takes 'past' as a reality cannot be logically proved wrong, although it does not sound very convincing for logical consideration)

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  1. By brick

    1 Mar 2005, 7:13am [ Reply ]

    in aran's words bigger truman show it is :)

  2. By Jai

    1 Mar 2005, 6:12am [ Reply ]

    makes sense to me. And even further, what if we are all a part of a larger experiment? just like we grow bacteria in culture and keep the animals in a animal house. is some one doing the same to us as well?

  3. By Aran

    28 Feb 2005, 11:02pm [ Reply ]

    A bigger Truman Show.

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