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3 Jun 2004

Jimmy Neutron- BOY GENIUS

Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 10:13pm

completely redundant title. Anyways...here is another one of my gems..hee hee..(this is what is called Underemployed! hyuk!) THE FOLLOWING PIECE IS FOR ANYONE WHO'S BEEN BULLIED IN FRIENDSHIP (one of the best feelings ever!)


They say you have to get down with the dogs to get the fleas,

Sweeping away me begs, me rants, me pleas

Despite me emotions reigned in on a petit petit leash

I find myself giving way...

Like a pooch in the park,

A grin...

 stupid, evident and stark

a huge smouldering ember,

where me brain should be

glowing like a star,

a whatchamacallit a quark?


pooh pooh romance, pish-tosh flowers,

not game for me


a tug here, a tumble,

watch that punch there!

more physical violence-
and i'm game - as game as game can be!


Current Mood: Irreverent
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