1 Mar 2005

The Jijia

Posted by Vijay S in Business | 12:53pm

I could never imagine that a Tughlak will be born again in this Era. A intellectual like Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram could become a laughing stack is pitiable. I'm paying income tax on my income. What is the point in paying 10/- on every 10K withdrawl of mine. This hopeless government can do nothing who are eating crores under Fodder, Lakhubhai and other scams, but are inclined to exploit the middle class and the job holders. This is highly ridiculous. If not sincere in duty, it could have pretended that it's sincere. Instead it has come out with such worthless and irritating schemes. No wonder one day this Government will put tax on every bread you purchase to eat and on every time you go to toilet. Shame on it.



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  1. By jai

    1 Mar 2005, 1:53pm [ Reply ]

    well, did nt u want good roads and street lights. Why did nt u protest when they were posting street lights in ur street? when they borrowed from the "friendly countries"?

  2. By Vijay S

    2 Mar 2005, 9:04am [ Reply ]

    HAHA.. Buddy, I pay income tax, property tax, Salestax, Is this not sufficient to improve average Indian? You dont have to search ways to squeeze the juice out of a middle class being!

  3. By kbk

    3 Mar 2005, 12:47am [ Reply ]

    prhaps manmohan n chidambaram r the best india ever had rather than a pschyed out fundamentalist govt before this one n the payment on withdrawal is a trial to push india into a cheque based econo,y to control black money, not to get some 10 rs that r so dear to u

  4. By bbr

    8 Mar 2005, 3:34pm [ Reply ]

    I want to spend cash, who is he to direct me to spend on cheques? Does your provisional store keeper or your milk man or your lunch server accept cheques...This becomes a mediocre when we try to imitate all western methods. We should check what an average Indian is

  5. By Sabu

    8 Mar 2005, 3:36pm [ Reply ]

    Rightly said. 10Rs may not be dear to the Author or me for that sake. Try giving 10Rs less at the Airport or Rly station and just see if they give you ticket generously. Its not that Railways or Airlines cannot afford 10 Rs..

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