Story of a Hyderabadi in the US

teja | 02/03/2005, 19:01 hrs

United States Of America.....

My port of entry was Philadelhpia and was supposed to drive from there
to this silent state of Delaware. Cleared immigration pretty easily
(as supposed to some regular grilling) and my first impression about
the country was already african-american guy walked right
infront of me with two kids..on his t-shirt was written

"Why are these Kids calling me Daddy??"

Got picked up by a guy who was holding a placard with my name(literally raped my
name) experience has that is gonna teach me more about
my country in the days to come...comparision is ineveitable for a person
landing in the US for the first time...

Driving on the Route 95 inter-state highway to this small town of Wilmington
in Delaware, i could feel the freeze in the breeze already...what americans
call Wind-chill. Traffic body around..our Limousine was the only car on the X-roads...
lucky,my driver stops the car and waits for the signal sipping over his music being played in the background.
Sub-consciously my Indian brain was gettign rest less...remembered punjagutta x roads ....2:30 am cars around cops around...wroooooooooom....there i go...but here this guy was sipping coffee ...huh....tough for a guy whose mind set
about driving on the roads was "Hyderabadi". Dint understand if i had to be proud about that.

Been two weeks...the place was getting colder and colder...being a strict vegetarian (on the dinner table..heheeh), was finding
it a little difficult eating the bread-butter-jam shit...everyday i used to look at the menu at my office cafetaria ..vegetarian
section had only two options....1)cheese pizza 2) egg-plant topping Pizza....Two weeks and have been eating only dish 1 ..remember
i am a pure vegetarian. Now I was gettin frustrated and asked Kim, the lady at the counter if i could have a look at "EGG-PLANT"..
told her that this plant is rare in India...she was amazed and went in to get one for my suprise it was a fukin Brinjal..
may be most of you know this ...i dint ...remembered this song from hyderbadblues2 "Hi-Tech vitech bhaingan ku bolo...". Realized
having been educated so well....i am still an illiterate in this country.

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Responses to Story of a Hyderabadi in the US

  1. kinda lost track how many times i must of heard that !

  2. Hey welcome to Bush Country! *hehe* SO, you really didn't know that eggplant was brinjal? Come on! I knew that in India, re. Plus, the south is much better, what the hell are you doing in Delaware?! Of course its cold there, and you better learn how to cook soon :)

  3. the irony is that it neither looks like an egg nor is it a plant. bloody Coucasians!

  4. thanks for the comments guys....not every blog of mine gets comments hehehehe most of my blogs are worthless and hence comment less kidding!

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