road rash

aloque | 15/05/2004, 12:49 hrs

i want to ask the poeple of hyderabad...have you ever considered the words road and safety next to each other or maybe in the same sentence?

i won't discuss helmets or seat belts which would be reserved for true afficionados of life and limb but lets just refrain from leaving our brains behind when we leave the house... not that things aren' t hard enough already...... auto drivers who think the rest of the population exists to pay their 1 and a half fares, bus drivers who don't realise the difference between crushing an ant and a child....these are serious social issues that we won't linger upon...

things peculiar to hyderabad roads are the newly rich in their spanking purple/orange/yellow eyesores, gold jewellery, gold rimmed ray-ban aviators which fortunately cover their ugly mugs, and ....get this.... 1 and a half lakh rupee music systems and portable DVD players to enjoy their favourite home movies ... all while driving with a cell phone jammed up one ear and playing with themselves watching madhuri dixit's heaving bosom on their 14" screens.

scene at masab shot paan chewing jewellery shop owner in his brabus engineered merc c class with DVD system smashes into the backside of another vehicle.  his eyes pop out of their sockets....he is sure the other guy was in reverse gear on the wrong side of the street.

hyderabad thumb rule for all drivers.... when in an accident, rules, norms, right and wrong take the back seat. PUBLIC SYMPATHY is everything! no. no sob stories. whoever mouths the first MAAkeLOUdayYYY wins the public over....unless the other guy throws his fists in with a BHENkiCHoot for good measure.

by now the guy gets out of his car, completes all necessary formalities regarding all female living\dead relatives of the backended victim, pays off the cop who comes in to see who disturbed his afternoon siesta, jumps back into the car....after all chholi ke peeche was just getting exciting....puts his car in reverse in the wrong lane and promptly runs over the cop who's by now counting his money.

AYYYYYY Maakeloudayyyy.


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Responses to road rash

  1. You got a good 1 going, dude :) Keep posting!

  2. Non-compliance of the bladder and choice epithets. Rofl. Keep 'em coming.

  3. keep rolling dudes. we all need to get down and dirty once in a while

  4. you took the *&%$@ words right out of my mouth!driving is a serious life-hazard in Hyd!

  5. Visit Neurotron

    regretting not stopping by here earlier...
    I take it you're not true blue Hyderabadi..

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