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5 Mar 2005

Of Sin and Slang

Posted by Oblivion in General | 12:22pm

A: Slanging is sinning.
B: Slanging is slanging. Sinning is sinning. No connecting.
A: I saying slanging is sinning. I insisting. You better listening.
B: ...but slanging is slanging, sinning is sinning. Why you connecting?
A: You acting smarting? If you not listening, I fucking you.
B: Good referencing. You saying fucking - that is slanging. If you forcing fucking, that is sinning.
B: Slanging is simpling. Sinning is complicating. Connecting slanging and sinning is even more complicating.
A: You daring speaking more!? I slitting your throat and killing.
B: But, killing is the biggest sinning.
A: No giving a damning. I eldering, you youngering. You not listening to me is mistaking. And I punishing.
B: You go aheading with beheading. But I believing in no connecting slanging and sinning.
A: You fucking culpriting. No respecting? You deserving punishing. I killing you.
B: Amening!

Life is full of obscenity and vulgarity. By taking so many things for granted, and with heads full of convoluted and illogical belief systems, we commit sins enough to warrant ten sentences in hell and yet are completely blind to this fact.

Sin is deeper than the knife can go into the other person's flesh, and slang is often packaged in the nicest words possible that kicks, imperceptibly at that, deep into the other person's ass and makes him feel guilty! We fuck one another with words and gestures, and yet attach virtue to it.

We make it easy for ourselves to do anything and justify the same, by classifying some definite actions as sins and some definite words as slang. And any action that doesn't belong to that set is not a sin, and any word that is not a part of that word set is not slang.

Brilliant, but blatantly shit logic! Man excels at this.

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