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6 Mar 2005

This Moment...

Posted by Oblivion in General | 11:19am

How many people are gorging on sumptuous food?
How many gadget-freaks are typing SMSs?
How many children are blissfully asleep?
How many poor, old women are hungry and praying for crumps of meal?
How many kids are playing in sand?
How many poets are walking on a beach?
How many cancer patients are battling for life?
How many orphans are thinking of their mothers?
How many men on the battlefield are feeling home-sick?
How many tourists are watching at Eiffel Tower?
How many idlers are watching the strangers on the street?
How many citizens are bribing the bureaucrats?
How many lonely hearts are pining for their lovers/beloveds?
How many lovers are holding hands and walking at Bandra?
How many jobless youth are worried about uncertainty?
How many adolescents are running into the chance meeting with their first crushes?
How many beaten and cheated souls are contemplating suicide?
How many frustrated children are deciding to leave their homes?
How many couples are making love?
How many thinkers are trying yet again to make sense of life?
How many scientists are hoping to discover another solar system?
How many composers are going mad to get that final note correct?
How many sons are holding hands of their mothers just about to die?
How many prostitutes are pleasing the men and cursing their helplessness?
How many school-kids are dreaming of becoming an actor?
How many innocent people are being tortured in prisons?
How many politicians are troubled by feelings of guilt?
How many guys are waiting for the moment to sleep with their girlfriends?
How many women are anticipating labour pains?
How many drunkards are on the verge of being inebriated?
How many insomniacs are wondering why there is night?
How many bosses are screwing-up careers of their subordinates?
How many journalists are making up stories to meet deadlines?
How many judges are passing capital punishments?
How many young boys are being initiated into terrorist groups?
How many Priests and Nuns are regretting their decisions?
How many murderers are standing inside confession boxes?
How many frightened kids are lying to their fathers about marksheets?
How many insane men are hacking the heads of helpless hostages?
How many innocent kids are walking to school to return and find their families killed?
How many passengers are traveling in the flight about to crash?
How many brothers are writing letters to their little sisters?
How many readers are disappointed with the latest work of their favorite writers?
How many bored chaps are surfing porn sites?
How many copywriters are preparing copy for Women's Day ads?
How many godmen are foisting another belief on the blind followers?
How many anxious girls are deciding on the reply to the guy-next-door's proposal?
How many compassionate people are shedding tears for the sorrow and injustice in the world?
How many romantic chaps are listening to Moonlight Sonata?
How many mavericks are giving up on everything and just walking away to nowhere?
How many schizophrenics are returning to normal?
How many atheists on the death-bed are praying for the impossible?
How many agnostics on the death-bed are braving the inevitable?
How many young AIDS patients on the death-bed are hankering to live?
How many intelligent girls are uncomfortable with the misconception of women empowerment?
How many businessmen in their Mercedes-Benzs are waiting for that tomorrow when they will be happy?
How many unhappy onlookers are envying those businessmen in their Mercedes-Benzs?
How many happy people are admiring the speeding Mercedes-Benzs without a trace of envy?

How many lazy guys like me are writing junk in their blogs?

Strange world; interesting life!

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5 Comments | "This Moment..." »

  1. By kabaka

    6 Mar 2005, 11:31pm [ Reply ]

    to tell u the truth, man i dont think anyone knows "how many" so why ask

  2. By rock_26iin

    6 Mar 2005, 7:50pm [ Reply ]

    Nice post boss! :D

  3. By Vj

    6 Mar 2005, 7:23pm [ Reply ]

    mls: i, indeed, remembered you when that question occurred to me :)

    JLU: i don't see you writing much on your blog these days. been busy? :)

  4. By mls

    6 Mar 2005, 5:30pm [ Reply ]

    just got caught... in the 5th qn from the bottom of your long list.

  5. By JLU

    6 Mar 2005, 1:13pm [ Reply ]

    Too good :) Not worth trying to make sense out of nonsense. But, interesting...... as you say. :)

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