A party in Vizag!!

teja | 06/03/2005, 11:53 hrs

Hey ppl....well the last blog i was explaining a little about my "experiences in the US". Last week i landed in Hyderabad ..relaxed for a couple of days and moved to Vizag...this silent port city or town not sure yet of Andhra Pradesh.

What a contrast to where I was for 3 months .....US. Its definately hotter....people are friendlier ....the beaches are cleaner....

I was so shit pissed that i had to come here for my project for HSBC. But when i landed here the impression that i had has changed a little. with 3 discotheques.....TEN DOWNING STREET and Shoppers Stop coming soon....this place is cheap man!!!! Nothing like going to the beach and sipping a beer over the weekend ....looks like the cops are cheap here too.....

been to a place called "Chrome" a pub in vzg. The interiors were great and ambience was ok but what impressed me the most was girls with Skirts !!!! Not that i drool over it but i was told that this place is a piece of orthodox shit ....but the crowd at the place amazzed me...probably i would have felt that the place was shitty if this was in hyderabad .....but not bad for vzg....way to go....

the only shitty thing abt this place is that you pay before each order!!!

keep blogging....keep breathing.....

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  1. whatever man !!!!!!!!!

  2. Is your company aware of the way you describe the projects you do...i think you ought to watch your words when it comes to representing an organization and its values.


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