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livotone | 9 March 2005, 8:29pm

hi folks! i had a very gut feeling abt my guts untill i heared abt this guy who was a student of harvard university.This incident went to happen when his english lecturer gave him and his fellow classmates to write an essay on guts the essay was conducted for 100 marks which were going to be the marks for that term and as every one wanted to score well so every one started to write down on the paper thinking that they will get more if they write more(as there wasnt any limit) and immedietely after five minutes of  commencing of the exam one of the student just got up handed over the paper to the invigilator and silently walked out of the hall.Every one in the hall were shocked to see him walking away and as every one was more intrested in scoring their marks they stopped bothering abt the guy continued their work,after nearly two hours every one came out of the hall looking very happy thinking that they had given there best and every one was very curious to know the result that who had topped the exam and when they came to know that the results were displayed on the board they all rushed towards them and to their surprise they did not find any ones name who had written for so long and instead found the name of that guy who had left the hall just within five minutes,they all rushed to the lecturer for the reason that why were they not selected for the top spot and the lecturer had only one answer with him that was the answer sheet that the topper had written and the only thing that was written on the paper was this is guts looking at this they just turned away without speeking a word.I think i dont have that guts have u?

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