tongue action

aloque | 15/05/2004, 22:16 hrs

to say i am new to blogging would be an understatement. but i am hooked.... the first time is the most exciting time for me, in everything. well maybe not everything, i mean, i would be overly excited to find a bald spot or something, but most things are amazing when they are new.

yes? fullhyd editor

done to death?

things are great when they are new?

point taken?

ok ok no need to get abusive...(another thing that might not be too exciting)

so, anyway... i know why i am blogging, man... i want people out there to read me, to hear what i've got to say and roll their eyeballs, comment, make me think , the whole 31 (flavours at baskin robbins). a few hits wouldn't be too bad either.

talking about first times, still remember the first time i rode my bicycle...was precocious at 4 years old, went off to narayanaguda from domalguda (the names were already given by the time i got there). never got tired of driving since. mom, i think, aged a couple of years that day.

what about my first kiss, poor girl must have thought i was trying to taste her stomach or something and i was grinning like an idiot thinking "tongue action, tonnnngggg akkkkshunnnn, tungakshun un un". think i might have even said it aloud.

i remember her first kiss even better....well apparently she didn't think the first one qualified (whatever, woman! tungakshun tungakshun) she sat me down, said don't move and kissed me, slowly, without touching me at all, not lettiung me touch her, one lip then the other..most sensuous experience of my life. YET.

whoa full hyd editor?


keep off the m&b stuff

aye aye sir

tungakshun tungakshun

what about the first time i  broke up then...when the bitch reached into my ....hey wait a minute ..this is the one about the good first times rite?

f*ing editor threw me off my game.


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Responses to tongue action

  1. Whoohooo! Whow, whow.... I'm burninnnggggg. Ahem. There's no editor. That's a figment of your imagination. And you'll have 25 comments to this by morning demanding details. :D

  2. Creepy!!! Gosh!!! u started something else boy,don't go beyond this.

  3. hehehahaaa. heeehaaheehahaaa. oh man funny stuff! tungakshun! seriously, dude. no post has made me laugh as insanely. glad i didn't give up on ou after reading ur first couple of posts :)

  4. GUYS..GUYS..go easy on me....already floating right up won't get any updates if i leave the atmosphere...
    mood = triumphant embarrassment

  5. get over it!!!

  6. U r Gud, boy!!! Keep it coming!

  7. hey, live vicariously in my other posts. this one's all MINE.

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