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11 Mar 2005

Time and Me

Posted by Oblivion in General | 8:49pm

On our journey to nowhere, my feet ached
My feet ached, and I saw the swift flight of a feeling 
A feeling of numbness crept in, and I paused
I paused on our journey to nowhere, and looked back
I looked back into His eyes yet again
Yet again I met with that indifferent stare
Indifferent stare but compassionate eyes His were
His were the eyes with no trace of weariness
Weariness and boredom were my constant companions
Companions in my joy, in my strife, and solitude
Solitude encompassed me as He smiled and beckoned
Beckoned me to walk ahead, and I stood askance
Askance I stood and wondered what lied ahead
Ahead have we been walking for years but reached nowhere
Nowhere have we reached, and futile the walk has proved
The walk has proved futile, or so I thought
I thought and I stood shattered. "Where to?" I asked
I asked and He just smiled. "To nowhere", He said
He said thus and noticed the tear in my eye
My eye, and the eyes, went blurred as I turned
I turned as I mused what I did all along the walk
Along the walk, all along, I wanted to be ahead of Him
Ahead of Him I wanted to be, in speed and in sight
In sight of mine, blinded by ambition, was always the destination
The destination that I now, alas, realise is not there at all
"Not there at all!" tears rushed in a cascade
Cascade of memories, joyful and painful, fleeted past
Past was all life that I lost waiting for a tomorrow
A tomorrow when I believed eternal happiness will be mine
Mine, I believed, will be that happiness for eternity
"Eternity, my son, is always in THIS moment", He said
He said, He also said, "don't run. Just walk. Beside me"
Beside me, He walked now, as I slowed down
Slowed down on my tread, I looked around for the first time
For the first time the million doors of delight opened
Opened were also the crooked, closed windows of mind
Mind rested and flew with the clouds as we walked ahead thus
Thus walked, now as friends, ahead on our journey to nowhere
To nowhere walked ahead both of us - Time and me

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  1. By Vj

    14 Mar 2005, 4:23pm [ Reply ]

    'Which I' - ...just figured that 'lied' does as well in that context.

  2. By Vj

    14 Mar 2005, 4:18pm [ Reply ]

    hi 'Which I' - ya, 'lay' shud be instead of 'lied' in that place. ...just one of those slips. thanks! btw, how 'bout sharing some of ur stuff?

  3. By mls

    14 Mar 2005, 3:01pm [ Reply ]

    There Vj you now have more inspiration :)

    "Which I?", That was quite good too. Any place we can see more of your stuff?

  4. By Which I?

    14 Mar 2005, 1:40pm [ Reply ]

    I'm reminded of some lines from what I wrote a few years ago:

    " ...
    Time moves on and on and on
    Unmindful of questions answered
    As also of those unanswered
    Time moves on and on and on
    Unmindful of a million million births and deaths
    Unmindful of a thousand thousand battles and wars
    Unmindful of the misery that mankind has been subjected to
    Time moves on and on and on
    Marching with majestic strides
    The echoes of which we call:
    "Histories" - nothing, mere memories.

  5. By Which I?

    14 Mar 2005, 1:34pm [ Reply ]

    You are exceptional! (Guess you just might want to change the "lied" to "lay"!)

  6. By Vj

    12 Mar 2005, 11:19am [ Reply ]

    glad you found it good. that's inspiration enough to try more :)

    have a great weekend and funday :)

  7. By mls

    11 Mar 2005, 10:38pm [ Reply ]

    That was quite good. Seriously :)

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