Is it Necessary????????????

Absolutely unnecessary......

asl plz

Manas | 12 March 2005, 4:11pm

     asl plz...   where r u from?  what's ur name? care to chat? interested to chat? etc., are the questions we commonly get when we enter a chat room such as yahoo, rediff, msn etc.,. 

     But I don't understand why all these fellows, who ask such questions, do not  see the yahoo profile of a person, with whome they want to chat?  And i don't understand why all thes fellows do not complete their profiles.  If we place our information such as name, sex, location, HOBBIES, etc., then others can easily know and understand about us, and then they can decide whether to chat or not.

     What do you say about it?? That is about the first three questions.  Now, let's come to the last two questions, care to chat? interested to chat? etc.,  Shall I say one thing?  as one of my friends said only those persons who has no work, enter the chat room.  so they are interested in chat.  so need to ask such questions.

     Now, you tell Is It Necessary to ask such meaning-less questions?

     To say frankly, I never asked asl plz in my life till now....

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chotacyrus | 12 Mar 2005, 5:17pm

hey..whats ur ASL?

chaitanya | 12 Mar 2005, 5:37pm

we donot enter details in our profiles because its not safe to do so.internet needs some time to become its better if you stop to think that you are very logical and the others are not :) hope you will take it inthe right sense.

chand | 14 Mar 2005, 3:43pm

Without that type of Q we will not intrect with them those all are Formalities and they are use to introduces ur self
that's it

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