14 Mar 2005


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     Why some people, do not like to receive gifts or prizes or shields etc.,  I want to say you one fact happened during my junior college days.  When we were in second year (orcourse final year too....) our college Silver Jubilee Celebrations arrived.  We celebrated with sports, games and many events.  On the last day some guests came to our college and we arranged some cultural programmes.  Before that, there was a memos and shields presentation programme.  Botany lecturer was reading the names of junior lecturers, senior lecturers and other college staff names and everyone was coming and receiving their memos from the guest's hands.  But my physics lecturer did not took his shield.  He was there on the stage until his name came out from the botany lecturer's toungue.  But just before one minute, he left that place...his name came.....but he did not came....they called three times.....and proceeded with other names.  After that he came back to the stage.  We were very interested about my physics lecturer and we went to see what he was doing and  surprised.  He was doing nothing.  He did not left that place becoz of work.  And we understood that he didnot like to receive gifts or shields etc.,

     After that celebrations, we went to physics lab and again shocked.  His shield was on his table.  He was looking at that shield with concentration. :-)  We did not understand why he did not took that shield on the stage and why he placed it on his table now.  I think some characters behave so.........

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