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14 Mar 2005


Posted by Manas in Friends | 3:40pm

     When I was studying my intermediate second year, I did one thing with my friends.  We sat in the last bench.  That was english period and our english madam was teaching some lesson.  But we were watching outside through the window. There are some trees and they are very height.  Some crows were making noise and our mood was distrubed by those crows.  After some time, some people came there and stood and started talking something.  they had some bags in their hands.  While talking, they were looking towards the crows.....:-)  . my friends and I started running commentry...I mean there were totally three persons, and we also three in the last bench.  we were saying some comments to the lips moments of those persons....while this was happening...our english madam looked at us and brought us to prinicipal madam and scolded us before junior arts girls.  ofcourse we did not feel shame for that..ofcourse we lost all of our shame after that moment :))......and one more thing is we got a famous name, Chain Batch, in our college. Actually we are five friends, and we go to anywhere without absent of anyone.  and we are very close friends.....that's why we got that name......

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