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Thought abt thoughts...:-?

T-Dude | 14 March 2005, 6:13pm

I dont know what this is all about...but ya, I being a tech stdnt think somethin technological but how come this thought abt thought itself spark in my mind...huh, something eerie is going on with me...may be the last night's Vodka showing the effect..
Anyways, lets get to the point..
I believe that Shakti/energy(not the shakti kapoor, that fellow needs a different blog) is everything..even the matter is, I guess everything in this universe is some form of energy. But what abt thoughts?? Are they really a form of energy? they shd be a form of energy..but can they be tapped as the radio signals...can we tell what the person standing before u is thinking..I always felt these thoughts as something coming into our minds as radiations as if we are having an antenna.
But ya, may be I have an explanation...these thoughts are some kinda stimulations in our mind which are dependant on the experiences we, for these stimulations to take place we need energy...may be the energy reqd for this purpose is very less..but, these thoughts which are responsible for all our decisions take very less energy..isnt that surprising?..well, I am very much surprised. May be since these thoughts are like the permissions for any mission which neednt require any budget while the actualy accomplishemnt is imp..our thoughts need very less energy and the effort in turning these thoughts into reality requires all the energy....

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