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What am I doing

Posted by Swaname | 14/03/2005 22:50

5 more days left for my year end at IIM K, 3 subjects are already through and 5 more left. Tomorrow is Enivronmental management. Gosh and today we had financial Mangement and HRM submission. I got a confession to make and also I am starting to wonder, where am I ultimately heading. Huge huge reasons, firstly I m free riding almost all of group projects why I don't know. Secondly I m totally low on motivation and energy and totally off- track.
Free riding in HRM,EM totally I didn't even know wat went on..MR is ok but major part I've free ridded that's very very bad considering the fact that I am gonna do my summer project based on MR. I am too tired these days don't know what happened to those enthu levels which I used to have, Today I was trying to enter my e-banking site and I wasn't able to do so..reason being that I forgot my login...Gosh I can't believe wats happening. Lack of focus nd ambition. What am I suffering from?? I need to be highly proactive and thrusting and highly initiative at my age and kind of profession I m going to get in. Cases these I am not reading lack of concentration if more pages are there to be read. I need some support from somewhere I need some direction, some path to walk, I need to be positive in life, grow and start aiming higher. Work hard achieve and not just be content with what I have.....
Cheer me up ....
I need every possible bit of motivation

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  1. Posted by chotacyrus
    15 Mar 2005, 10:05am

    Dood..do what u love and if u cant do that,love what u do.things`ll work out for sure!gud luck for ur summers:d

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