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17 Mar 2005


Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 5:00pm

Who wants to kill Tulsi?? That benign cow on Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi... (kya thi??) ..that figure of all things nice, sweet and fattening on Indian TV? I still can't get it...Smriti Irani gettin threatening calls on her cell phone!! Now, who wants to see her bumped off? KKusum?KKavanjali( both the dead twins..or was it one dead twin?) Jassi (" Die, you fat cow, DIIIEEE" as she harriedly wears her contacts and gets  her skin de-pigmented at Kaya skin clinic) .... or that funny twiggy school girl on Star One  on Remix - the one with the spotty face, striped red hair and the Chequered skirt??? Nope, still can't crack this code!   Anyways, we love you Smriti - please don't die. 

I digress from the point of this post - which is - that a whole TWO people now finally officially know about the existence of Captain Scamp (clap clap)!! So, if you are reading  (read) this BO...WALCOMEWALCOMEWALCOME!!! As if ranting in real life was'nt hard enuff, you have to deal with my crap in cyber space too (pauvre petit - " poor small" ...errr...Paapam types)

In other questions - Who wants to sleep with Shakti Kapoor? obviously some "Ruchi" wanted to. Now she wants to sleep with that nice looking boy on Indian Idol - that Aman-man. Ruchi obviously is skippy - she needs to get herself a nice boyfriend or better a scratching-post!!! meowrrrr !! hisss!




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