I belong to a happy middle class family. I say 'happy' cos i have to. I say 'happy' cos middle class is often mistaken for ' definitely not rich' which umm.. is true ..but still, I belong to a very happy middle class family. So our preferred mode of inter-city transport is the 'train' .I say 'preferred' cos i do not want to sound like i dont have a choice, which i actually dont ,but still i am a happy middle class person who loves the excitement that the Indian Railways has to offer.
   But ive had the absolute privilege of sitting in a 'functional' aeroplane and then flyin to a couple of sight-see'able' places.Here again , i must add that if you are my father's boss then the next two lines are only for your very intense eyes.

   1) Leave fare Concession should be offered more than once in four yrs,and international travel should be allowed as well.

   2) Do not let my dad get back home early, my tv schedule goes all haywire, and that isnt good for my psyche.:-|

    Yeah, so where was I ,hmm ..yes the aeroplane ..*sigh* ..the experience was like Cinderella's grand ball..i looved it ..reasons being..
    1) The whole feeling of being all important and busy that you get once you enter the airport.Atleast thats how i feel.Like i have this really important meetin to attend or somethin ..:-p

    2) The fragrance inside the aircraft.That beautiful fragrance.I still dont understand how all the aircrafts belonging to so many companies can smell the same way . I mean, is it like this world famous air refreshner ,or some kinda drug to reduce non-land anxiety ..what is it ???(*desperate to know*)

    3) I love the whole 'you pay us a fortune and we'll pamper you' thing. We actually get magazines( so what if theyre just glossy tourism guides),we get toffees( i was 14 then , i could take a handful ) which dont really taste like anything at all , but then,that thrill of gettin a whole lot of freebies *sigh* ..

    4) That sorry tasting litchi drink, so nicely packaged, so politely offered, so gladly taken...aah.. .

    5)The food , sad as it may be , its still aircraft food, id eat it to the last bite, and every item seemed so special and sophisticated . They actually make a bowl of black grapes and papaya look like its one of those non pronounce'able' italian/french/non-indian desserts.Never before did i relish bun and butter so much --that was probably cos i used a butter knife for the first time in my life. And idlis and upma seemed like they were oriental delicacies.

    6)The teeny weeny windows on the aircraft.You cant put your hand out , you cant buy bread omlette from the vendor who will never have change,but then, you have these little curtains that are always clean and always smell so nice. You are as high as the clouds and can see em from so close, you start to get bored of that in a while but then soon, you will be offered some food again and then everything becomes alright.:)

    7)The air hostesses who always have a lot of make up on,and always manage to look so nice and actually be so nice to evvvverybody all the time.

    8)The air hostesses again who will give you free toys and gifts if you are less than 15 ys old...ones you can actually take home ..it was Christmas time then ..i got this really cute Santa Claus soft toy.. *sigh* ..those happy days..

    9)The air hostesses again , who will greet you at the entance even if you are just 4ft,10 inches tall.:-) ( i repeat , i was 13 then :-|)

   10 ) And the bestest reason of em all, you always have this really high probability of bumping into a celebrity. I saw Dimple Kapadia the first time i went to the airport, i didnt even know who she was then , but she still was  a celebrity yayyyyieee .I also managed to see Azhar..yayyyiee(even though i am not really a cricket fan person) ..and dozens of others..well maybe not dozens ...but still ...i got to see em ..yayyyieee..

   11) Those really cute stewards on those small tiny aircrafts.If you are that cute steward from that Indian Airlines small Kullu-Shimla flight,then "hhhiiiiiii !that dress i wore then was just a mistake , ive moved on to better designers now ..." and if you aernt that steward then point no 11 is not meant for you ..:-| please go to point number 12.:-|

 Well, there is no point number 12.

If you are that person who flew to Delhi for an interview, told me that your flight would leave at 8 , and then got me all nostalgic and depressed,then you in big trouble mister :-| You better sponsor my trip to umm anywhere ..and yeah, im flyin this time . They have to serve food on the flight ...plus make sure they give toffees as well ,make it first class , ive been in the economy....aaah never mind ..

'A dream is a wish your  heart makes ,whenever your fast asleep'
    --- Cinderella.

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